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    Lianyungang SPIRALOCK Precision Fastener Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 , with a total investment of 300 million yuan and a building area of 100 km. The company has the industry is leading automatic galvanizing production line, all procedures are completed automatically by mechanical and electrical devices. The unmanned, digital, green production has the obvious advantages of fast operation, high efficiency, stable quality. The main surface treatments are: blue and white zinc, hexavalent color zinc, black zinc, military green zinc, trivalent blue and white zinc, trivalent color zinc, and so on.

         The fastener production line mainly produces wind power fasteners. It is expected to be officially produced by the end of the year. The annual plan is to produce 50,000 tons of fasteners, mainly for engine room bolts and nuts, tower bolts and nuts, anchor bolts, embedded bolts, and double-ended screws and so on.

         As a high-end fastener solution provider, SPIRALOCK has provided supporting services of foundation anchor and tower cylinder connecting bolts for hundreds of wind farms around the world. With excellent quality, SPIRALOCK is fearless of a series of stringent tests on natural environment of wind farms and fan operation safety. The products are sold well in China and exported to Germany, Sweden, Russia, Australia, the United States, Vietnam, Turkey, the Philippines and many other countries and regions, providing solid support and fastening connection for a large number of local key wind power projects.

          At present, SPIRALOCK has successfully entered the qualified supplier list of the top fifteen complete machine manufacturers at home and abroad, such as Siemens Gamesa, Endurance, Shanghai Electric, General Electric, etc.. 

    Development History:

    ●  In 1997  , the trademark “SPIRALOCK” was registered in China.

    ● In October 2000, the Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Railways issued the “Notice on Promoting and Applying SPIRALOCK Nuts on Railway Tracks ” (Yunji Line 【2000】 No. 317 Red Head Document)

    ●In December 2001, Shanghai DTFLOCK was registered and established in Jiading, Shanghai. Shanghai DTFLOCK is the only wholly-owned subsidiary of SPIRALOCK in China, and it is also the only wholly-owned SPIRALOCK company in the world that produces SPIRALOCK products.

    ● In December 2002, the SPIRALOCK  locknut was successfully applied to the steel structure of the Shanghai maglev rail, which solved the problem of loose fasteners that German engineers were helpless.

    ●2002.10 Shanghai SPIRALOCK and Zhejiang Jinyi jointly bid for the fastener of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Construction Headquarters of the Ministry of Railways, with a total amount of 26.22 million.

    ● 2003.12 The  Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Railways and the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Railways jointly issued the “Notice on the Quality Inspection Results of the Locknuts for Public Works Using SPIRALOCK Technology” (Yunji Line [2003] No.453 Red Head Document)

    ● 2003.12  passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency .

    ● In 2004.6, the  Transportation Bureau of the Ministry of Railways issued “Notice on Issuing “Technical Conditions for the Use of Lock Nuts for Railway Tracks“ (Interim) “ (Yunji Line [2004] No. 212 Red Head Document)

    ● 2006.12  American Chester Technology Company wholly acquired Shanghai DTFLOCK Co., Ltd.

    ●2007  Shanghai DTFLOCK was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai.

    ●2007.06 The Beijing Aviation Standard Parts Testing Center issued the “Pre-loaded Locking Threaded Nut Vibration Performance Test Report “ after one year of testing on the Shanghai DTFLOCK SPIRALOCK Locknut .

    ● In 2008,  Shanghai DTFLOCK and Shanghai Tongji University jointly established the “DTFLOCK-Tongji Fastener Application Technology Center “.

    ● 2008.12 Shanghai DTFLOCK has independently completed the SPIRALOCK thread corporate standard, including a complete system of metric and imperial systems for gauges, taps and nut female threads.

    ● 2008.12 Shanghai DTFLOCK International Sales Department was established.

    ● 2009.01 Shanghai DTFLOCK signed a technology development contract with the National Standard Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Zhejiang University of Technology to jointly develop a fastener transverse vibration testing machine.

    ● 2009.03  passed the TS16949:2002 quality system certification of the French International Inspection Agency .

    ●2009.03, Shanghai DTFLOCK successfully developed a large precision thread-guided tapping machine. It can perform precision tapping on nuts up to M48 .

    ● 2013.9.30 Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the formal change from “Shanghai DTFLOCK Precision Fastener Co., Ltd. “ to “Shanghai DTFLOCK Precision Fastener Co., Ltd. “.

    ● 2014.02.21 Shanghai DTFLOCK shares are listed on the National Share Transfer System for public transfer. Stock abbreviation: Shanghai DTFLOCK, stock code: 430646 .

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